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Our Work
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What We 

From Brand Strategy
to Creative Design.



We deliver Branding strategies, 3D animations, Social Media outreach strategies and Intuitive UX/UI designs for our customers around the globe.

We trust that the best design solutions come from a deep understanding of our clients' businesses and their audiences.

We believe that design should be user-centered and focused on solving real-world problems.


Our design process is collaborative and iterative, and we are committed to delivering work that exceeds expectations and meets our clients unique needs and goals.

Everything we do, regardless of whether it is a full brand strategy, a social media ad campaign or a product experiences, is created through the lens of the brand experience, and it is why our suite of services includes everything needed to build, deliver, and maintain a world-class brand experience.


Our team of experts specializes in curating innovative and custom-tailored branding strategies that effectively build a positive reputation, foster a sense of  community, and cultivate emotional connections with customers, elevating your brand to new heights.


UI/UX Design 

Our design team comprises of skilled UI/UX professionals who work collaboratively to deliver aesthetically stunning and functionally seamless digital experiences tailored to your customer's needs and objectives. With a keen focus on the overall user experience, our designers create immersive and intuitive interfaces for the web, desktop, mobile, as well as VR and AR platforms, elevating your brand's digital presence to new dimensions.

Digital Twins

Our development team specializes in digitizing consumer products and crafting product experiences that utilize cutting-edge 3D rendered animations to showcase the product's workflow, features, and use cases.



Our team that comprises of creative directors, project managers, seasoned 3D artists, animators and visual designers are industry veterans when it comes to developing engaging and compelling visual content such as product promo and explanatory videos and 3D infographic videos that capture the viewing attention.

Social Media Design

We specialize in creating and sharing captivating social media content on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, engaging your target audience, boosting brand awareness, and driving website traffic. Our comprehensive services cover content creation, digital brochure designs, advertising, and more. 


Our Process

Project Scoping and Requirement Gathering

Understand the project's purpose, objectives, and scope, while identifying the target audience and any requirements. Conduct thorough research on industry trends, user preferences, and competitors' designs to establish a strong foundation.

Web Design.png
Implementation and Development

Collaborate with developers, engineers, or relevant team members to translate the concept into a captivating product. Develop a product of exceptional quality through effective communication and essential support.

Concept Development

Conduct brainstorming sessions to generate diverse ideas and concepts, fostering creative thinking while exploring various possibilities. Refine the selected ideas, and develop them into more detailed concepts.

Pass Fail_1.png
Testing and Evaluation

Perform quality analysis to esnure that the final product meets and surpasses industry standards.

Discussion Forum.png
Feedback and Concept Finalization

Gather feedback from stakeholders, clients, or potential users and incorporate their suggestions and insights into the concept. Iterate on the concept based on the feedback received to improve its quality and effectiveness and finalize the concept.

Deployment and Continued Improvement

Launch the product to the intended audience or market and monitor its performance. Gather user feedback and data for continuous product improvement, aligning with user needs, evolving trends, and changing requirements.



Designing with passion, delivering with excellence

Designing with passion, delivering with excellence


At Penguincil, we're a team of visionary designers, curious problem solvers, and passionate collaborators, harnessing the transformative power of design and strategic thinking.


Our mission: to turn our clients' vision into reality through thoughtful, creative solutions that positively impact businesses and communities.


Established in 2023, we embarked on a journey driven by a burning passion for design and an unwavering commitment to setting ourselves apart in a competitive marketplace. Envisioning a new kind of design partner from the outset – one that embraces collaboration, creativity, and innovation – we've assembled a talented team of designers, strategists, and developers who share our dedication to excellence. 

Meet The Team


Dream team of 10+ industry veterans of Creative Heads, Project Managers, 3D Artist and Interactive App Developers

Working With the Best Clients and Partners



Manoj Padmanaban


Bragging Right

It was a delight to work with penguincil that delivered designs beyond my expectations. Their creativity, professionalism, and attention to detail were outstanding throughout the process. They flawlessly captured my brand's essence and transformed it into a visually stunning logo. This team's ability to understand and translate my vision sets them apart. I highly recommend their top-notch expertise and delightful collaboration.

Prakash Nandulla


Rooster Perfume Inc.

I had approached Penguincil design for designing my company branding. Frankly speaking, the time taken for showing me a draft design was less then a day and improvising the design hardly took 4 days time for the final output. All through this process every design correction and improvisation was kept very transparent. I would strongly recommend Penguincil designs  for all design related solutions.

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